"The Mentality of the Russian Peasantry in the XIX Century"

Ryabtsev, Alexey Vladimirovich


The article deals with the historical and cultural mentality of the Russian peasantry in the XIX-th century. The study shows a class society, assuming a legal inequality of estates and, as a result, a different culture based on the experience of previous generations and focused on everyday needs and demands. The peasantry for many centuries was the most numerous estate, distinguished by fidelity to traditions. It was in the peasant environment that the true features of folk Russian culture appeared. This circumstance opens up prospects for a more detailed study of the past of the Russian people, which will make it possible to better understand both national traditions in general and the history of Russia itself in certain periods.

Keywords: peasant, land, state, tax, people, corve.

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Ryabtsev, Alexey Vladimirovich "The Mentality of the Russian Peasantry in the XIX Century" Agrarian History, Number 10, 2022 P. 86 - 93. doi: 10.52270/27132447_2022_10_86