"Alternative Energy Sources: Applications and Prospects"

Shmyreva, Olga Ivanovna


The article analyzes the use of alternative energy sources mainly in Russia. It is shown that political and economic instability in countries specializing in the extraction of fossil energy sources and their production cannot increase indefinitely due to the limited natural resources. The author comes to the conclusion that the process of forming a management system that ensures the efficient use of alternative energy sources is still in its infancy. A scientifically-based state policy and economic strategy for the use of alternative energy sources have not yet been developed. The tools and forms used by States in creating the development of alternative energy sources, as well as in pricing surplus electricity, are very limited and insufficiently effective.

Keywords: resources, man, energy, agriculture, globalization.

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Shmyreva, Olga Ivanovna "Alternative Energy Sources: Applications and Prospects" Agrarian History, Number 10, 2022 P. 70 - 77. doi: 10.52270/27132447_2022_10_70