"The Role of Fertilizers in Improving Soil Fertility in the Russian Province"

Fursov, Vladimir Nikolaevich


The article discusses the processes of improving soil fertility by applying various types of fertilizers. Crop production in Russia and many other countries is characterized by a low level of stability of agrocenoses and poor phytosanitary condition of soils. This is confirmed by the wide spread of weed vegetation. In a number of regions, a new phenomenon has been discovered - non-infectious physiological diseases of plants associated with a violation of the diet, the balance of nutrients in the soil and extreme weather conditions. Plant resistance to these pathogens is higher at doses and ratios of nutrients close to optimal for ensuring their productivity. An analysis of the literature shows that the resistance of plants to root rot and existing diseases is significantly higher if nitrogen fertilizers are used in physiologically reasonable doses recommended by the regional system of agriculture.

Keywords: agriculture, weed, plant, farmer.

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Fursov, Vladimir Nikolaevich "The Role of Fertilizers in Improving Soil Fertility in the Russian Province" Agrarian History, Number 2, 2020 P. 2 - 6.