"Features of the Provision of Land Plots for Construction in Russia"

Ershov, Bogdan Anatolyevich, Fedyanin, Vitaly Ivanovich


Ensuring the protection and rational use of land is one of the most important functions of the state. The Constitution of the Russian Federation proclaimed that land and other natural resources are protected in the Russian Federation as the basis of the life and activities of the peoples living in the corresponding territory (Article 9 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation). The earth is an irreplaceable and priceless natural resource, on which the life and well-being of all mankind largely depends. At the same time, it is an object of property rights subject to civil circulation. The consumption of natural resources is always associated with public and private interests. The solution of state tasks must be consistent with the public interests of the population, as well as with the private rights of citizens and legal entities, which are implemented in the development of land plots. This article covers some aspects of this topic.

Keywords: land, construction, person, society, border.

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Ershov, Bogdan Anatolyevich, Fedyanin, Vitaly Ivanovich "Features of the Provision of Land Plots for Construction in Russia" Agrarian History, Number 3, 2020 P. 13 - 20.