"The Development of Agriculture and Industry During the Signing of the Soviet-German Treaties of the 1930s: General and Specific in a Historical Context"

Ashmarov, Igor Anatolevich


The article is devoted to the study of important issues related to the signing of the Soviet-German treaties of the 1930s. The historical and moral assessment of the Soviet-German treaties is the subject of this article. Soviet-German treaties of 1930 are very ambiguously assessed in domestic and foreign historiography. Some historians give these treaties a positive assessment, while others believe that they only contributed to the rapid start of the war. But all this shows us only subjective approaches. Only historical facts represent objective reality. And the facts tell us that military-technical and economic cooperation between the two countries took place and, in all likelihood, was beneficial to both sides, in the not too distant future - to the belligerent parties. In the course of the article, the economy of the two countries is of particular value, namely, the features of the development of agriculture and industry. The basis of the economy was the mandatory supply of food products to the state. They began to be carried out with the entry into force of the order of August 27, 1939. Vegetable products were subject to mandatory delivery from the moment they were "separated from the land", animal products - from the moment they were received. It is important to understand what these treaties represented for both sides - a path to war, preparation for it, or a way to build good-neighborly peaceful relations. The author believes that for the USSR it was an attempt to postpone the war, to delay its beginning, which, to some extent, the Soviet side managed to do.

Keywords: 1939, non-aggression pact on August 23, 1939, economy, industry, land.

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Ashmarov, Igor Anatolevich "The Development of Agriculture and Industry During the Signing of the Soviet-German Treaties of the 1930s: General and Specific in a Historical Context" Agrarian History, Number 5, 2021 P. 9 - 22.