Publication Ethics

It is necessary that all authors, reviewers, members of the editorial board involved in the process of reviewing and publishing articles in the journal "Agrarian History" agree on the standards of publication ethics.

The ethics of publications in journal "Agrarian History" is based on guidelines COPE guidelines

Editorial Board:

- Journal "Agrarian History" includes recognized editors in their field.

Authors and Authors Responsibilities:

- All fees for publishing an article must be paid by the authors or their employer. The cost of publication is calculated separately in each case, but it cannot be less than $ 120, i.e. those expenses that cover the contents of the journal. Payment for an article is made after its review and recommendation for publication. After payment, the journal provides open access to the full content of the article.

- Authors must submit a completely original work. They must indicate that their article is being published for the first time, and indicate that all the data in the article is real and reliable. Reprint literally of their copyright works is not allowed, it can be used only as a basis for new conclusions (the primary link should be indicated in the secondary publication). Sending the same manuscript to several journals is not allowed.

- Authors must carefully follow the recommendations of the editors of the journal and correct all errors indicated by the editors.

- Authors should provide an accurate report on the work performed, as well as an objective discussion of its significance. Fraudulent and inaccurate statements are not allowed.

- Authors should properly cite publications that have affected the nature of the article they submitted. The list of references in the article should be properly drawn up.

- Authors are required to ensure that all co-authors and those who have made a significant contribution to the article are included in the document and that all co-authors consider and approve the final version of the article and agree to publish it.

- Authors should clearly indicate whether their research has been funded. If the study has received financial support, the sponsor (for example, organization or individual) should be indicated. If the study has not received financial support, please announce it.

Peer-review Process:

- Double blind peer review: reviewers do not know the identity of the authors, and authors do not know the identity of the reviewers. The opinions of reviewers should be objective; they should formulate and express arguments about the significance of the study, its novelty and reliability.

- The recommendations of the reviewers are important for deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published.

- All reviews should be carried out objectively. Personal criticism of the authors is inappropriate. The editorial board evaluates the manuscripts for their intellectual content without taking into account the social and political philosophy and views of the authors.

- Information or ideas received during the review should not be used for personal purposes.

- Any manuscripts received for review should be treated as confidential documents. They should not be shown or discussed with other people.

Publication Ethics:

- The editors of the journal will take reasonable measures to prevent deliberate violations of publication ethics. If such violations are discovered, these articles will be rejected, and their authors will not be able to submit an article to the journal for 2 years.

- The editors are always ready to publish corrections, clarifications, rebuttals and apologies when necessary.


- Authors retain copyright to their articles. All Open Access articles are distributed in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows unlimited use, distribution and reproduction of scientific work on any medium, provided that the article is correctly cited.

Chief Editor:

- Editor-in-Chief of the journal is Ershov, Bogdan Anatolyevich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor.

The Web Site:

- The journal website is constantly updated and improved in accordance with international requirements for the evaluation of journals.

Publication Schedule:

- The journal "Agrarian History" is published quarterly.