Published: 2022-04-17


1. "Demographic Problems of Modern Russia"Authors: Mamaeva, Tatyana SergeevnaPages: 3 - 10.Full text PDF

2. "Admiral Vladimir Simonovich Sarnavskiy and Natural and Climatic Conditions for the Organization of a Commercial Port in Streletskaya Bay"Authors: Parshin, Mikhail VladimirovichPages: 11 - 19.Full text PDF

3. "Growing Grain Crops in Russia: Historical Context"Authors: Shkarubo, Sergey NikolaevichPages: 20 - 26.Full text PDF

4. "Development of the Trade Turnover of Noble Land Holdings in the Central Industrial and Central Chernozem Regions in the 60-90s of the XIX Century"Authors: Gromova, Victoria ValentinovnaPages: 27 - 42.Full text PDF

5. "Analysis of the Process of Transformation of the Russian Agrarian City At the end of the XVIII - the First Half of the XIX Century Into An Administrative and Commercial Settlement by Means of Geoinformation Technologies (on the Materials Tambov)"Authors: Vorobeva, Elizaveta MichailovnaPages: 43 - 54.Full text PDF

6. "Peasant Reform of 1861 in Russia and Modernity"Authors: Ershov, Bogdan Anatolyevich, Tonkikh, Vladimir Alekseevich, Kondratenko, Lyudmila IvanovnaPages: 55 - 62.Full text PDF

7. "Comparative Analysis of Anthropogenic Impact on the Environment in Modern Russia"Authors: Vasyagina, Tatyana Nikolaevna, Osipova, Natalia ViktorovnaPages: 63 - 69.Full text PDF

8. "Alternative Energy Sources: Applications and Prospects"Authors: Shmyreva, Olga IvanovnaPages: 70 - 77.Full text PDF

9. "Grain Pawnshops as a Form of Commodity Credit at the End of the XIX-th - Beginning of the XX-th Century"Authors: Artemyeva, Victoria StanislavovnaPages: 78 - 85.Full text PDF

10. "The Mentality of the Russian Peasantry in the XIX Century"Authors: Ryabtsev, Alexey VladimirovichPages: 86 - 93.Full text PDF

11. "Participation of Territorial KK-RKI in the Organization of Collective Agricultural Production and the Formation of Their Own Food Base for the Donbass in the Early 1930-s"Authors: Stadnik, Vladimir Alexandrovich, Tufanov, Evgeny VasilievichPages: 94 - 105.Full text PDF